His Wife Died – The Film That Was Made By Accident

On the face of it this short film is pretty pish. The camera work is dodgy, there seems to be no plot and the soundtrack is… questionable. But I have a soft spot for this short film of mine and here’s why – This was filmed on the day I got my shiny new camcorder. I slammed a tape in and went off for a wander with my friend Chris and randomly filmed parts of our day – a walk through the park, walk home, Chris making us both cup of tea and finally a test of the camcorders slow motion function by flicking the tea towel.  It wasn’t until I played back the tape that an idea formed for a short film. These seemingly unconnected events told a story – one that was summed up in three short words – his wife died.

The character of Belmont Hinkler is a lovable weirdo whose mind has snapped following the death of his wife. This is first hinted at when he stares at the wedding dress in the bridal shop window. Belmont cannot accept that fact that she is dead and continues to act as if she were alive – hence the two wine glasses on the kitchen table and the reason for him making two cups of tea. It’s a simple premise that arose unexpectedly from nothing and that’s why despite it’s dodgy camera work and laughable soundtrack (which really completes the film! Especially the staircase music matching perfectly to the visuals) I’m quite proud of this film.




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