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Microphotography reveals a hidden world of detail in everyday objects. It allows us to explore and document these details either for scientific interest or for their own aesthetic merits.

The World of the very tiny is as alien to us as the farthest flung worlds of deep space. The cells that make up our bodies are full of complex structures which work ceaselessly to maintain life. These weird forms are as beautiful as they are strange and it’s amazing to think that they are all around us and even inside us.

I was fortunate enough to my  microscope abandoned in a derelict building safely protected in a box. I haven’t got round to getting a proper adaptor tube for mounting my camera to it yet – instead I’ve been attaching my extension tubes to the camera and sliding it over the microscopes eyepiece. It’s a bit wobbly and I’ve had to block the excess light coming up the tube with my hand but it works okay for now.

Lighting can be a frustrating issue though. If the object is thin enough then it’s not much of an issue since the microscope does have a built in light. for thicker objects I’ve been resorting to either the flash light function on my phone (a single, fairly bright LED normally used as a camera flash) or a dedicated flashgun though getting the power levels right is difficult. Also since I haven’t got myself the adaptor for mounting the camera properly it can be tricky holding the light source, the camera and focusing. I’ve got a rather nifty mini tripod which would be perfect for holding the flash but I’ve no idea where I’ve put it…

I’ll just  struggle on for now I guess…


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