Urban Exploration

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I love urban exploration. There’s something really enjoyable about exploring old, abandoned spaces and appreciating them even in their decay. Aberdeen is lucky to have the Broadford Works – a large abandoned factory with several old buildings. Most of these photos were taken there (there’s a couple of exceptions)

Broadfords is an amazing place – vast and silent and full of colour as nature slowly reclaims the buildings and vandals spray the walls with paint. It’s a strangely serene place despite the apocalyptic like devestation and I’ve spent many hours wandering through it soaking up the atmosphere.

Oh yes many fond memories of this place – from that first time my friends and I found a way in via the cellar of an abandoned house, to a picnic with a dear friend on a lazy summer afternoon and even a first kiss with a beautiful girl upon a rooftop underneath a starry sky as the city skyline¬†stretched out glowing in it’s sodium haze – I love this place and I’m sad to know that plans to redevelop the area are already under way. Shall have to pay a visit or two before it’s gone forever.


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