The Meadow

Autumn wears her golden gown,

Gentle showers fall from ashen skies,

The crystal droplets tumble down,

To hide the tears a maiden cries…

Through tangle wood and into meadow,

She washes soft feet in gentle stream,

The flowing waters are cool and shallow,

And gently soothes eVes fair queen.

She tiptoes softly through greenest grass,

As the high clouds part revealing blue.

To this meadow she comes to recall the past,

Of those summer days that she once knew…

Lost now though to savage time,

Her heart is torn by cherished memory,

Escape from this torment she cannot find

Her one wish, one desire – to sleep through the centuries…

Never waking to feel her deepest pain,

To sleep so safe, so soft and serene,

To never face this cruel world again,

To hide forever in the realm of dream,

Where she could live out a life in constant regression,

In those saccharine days of lost yesteryear.

This idea of escape has become her obsession,

An escape to world without pain, without fear…

But she knows this is fantasy and can never be more,

There’s no escape to a place where she cannot cry,

For those days a locked behind times great door,

So what can she do but let her loving heart die?

Not just her heart but her fair body too;

A release from this world to join her dead love…

And here in this meadow she resolves what to do,

a fate perhaps written in the stars far above…

Her body starts to tremble as her souls gripped with fear,

Fear of the unknown, of what lies beyond,

A world that would soon become crystal clear,

As she joins with the one of whom she’s most fond…

For these precious moments are to be our Queens last,

As she drinks the sweet nectar from the deadly black rose,

In moments her mortal frame will be cast,

For this was the fate our fair maiden chose…

In the deep Darkan Forest beyond the Great River,

In meadow now covered by crisp golden leaves,

Falls a single small snowflake and the promise of winter,

And here lies the body of fairest Queen eVe…


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