Competition – Can You Guess What This Is? Win 10p!

Can you guess what this is? Prize of 10p for whoever can! Might upgrade the prize if I can think of anything decent. ūüôā


Pheutonic Aether


Drew the crazy pattern in Photoshop then brought it into after effects and messed around with 3D layers and a virtual camera. Music was made a few days before and seemed to go well (although after watching it again on youtube I think the volume needs to be increased)


Urban Exploration – Midnight Adventure!

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By strange coincidence the day following my last post about urban exploration and Broadford works my friend Andy posted on Facebook asking if anyone fancied a midnight trip to there for some long exposure photo fun. How could I refuse? I hadn’t seen Andy in ages and as I said in my last post I really wanted to pay the place a few more visits before it’s gone for good.
I had a good time all in all although I forgot to take a tripod plate which meant everything had to be handheld or rested on any available surface. That’ll teach me for not checking everything before leaving the house!

Urban Exploration

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I love urban exploration. There’s something really enjoyable about exploring old, abandoned spaces and appreciating them even in their decay. Aberdeen is lucky to have the Broadford Works – a large abandoned factory with several old buildings. Most of these photos were taken there (there’s a couple of exceptions)

Broadfords is an amazing place – vast and silent and full of colour as nature slowly reclaims the buildings and vandals spray the walls with paint. It’s a strangely serene place despite the apocalyptic like devestation and I’ve spent many hours wandering through it soaking up the atmosphere.

Oh yes many fond memories of this place – from that first time my friends and I found a way in via the cellar of an abandoned house, to a picnic with a dear friend on a lazy summer afternoon and even a first kiss with a beautiful girl upon a rooftop underneath a starry sky as the city skyline¬†stretched out glowing in it’s sodium haze – I love this place and I’m sad to know that plans to redevelop the area are already under way. Shall have to pay a visit or two before it’s gone forever.


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Some pictures of my cat for no other reason than she’s cute. Have I lost all¬†credibility as a photographer for posting cat pics? What if I told you she’s named Niko after Nikon?

In all seriousness though Niko is a gorgeous cat and is extremely patient – two qualities that are¬†beneficial¬†when doing any kind of animal portraiture. She’s also full of character – from prim and proper Niko to cheeky scamp Niko she’s a pleasure to photograph – though her dark fur is a bitch to meter for!


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Microphotography reveals a hidden world of detail in everyday objects. It allows us to explore and document these details either for scientific interest or for their own aesthetic merits.

The World of the very tiny is as alien to us as the farthest flung worlds of deep space. The cells that make up our bodies are full of complex structures which work¬†ceaselessly to maintain life. These weird forms are as beautiful as they are strange and it’s amazing to think that they are all around us and even inside us.

I was fortunate enough to my ¬†microscope abandoned in a derelict building safely protected in a box. I haven’t got round to getting a proper adaptor tube for mounting my camera to it yet – instead I’ve been attaching my extension tubes to the camera and sliding it over the microscopes eyepiece. It’s a bit wobbly and I’ve had to block the excess light coming up the tube with my hand but it works okay for now.

Lighting can be a frustrating issue though. If the object is thin enough then it’s not much of an issue since the microscope does have a built in light. for thicker objects I’ve been resorting to either the flash light function on my phone (a single, fairly bright LED normally used as a camera flash) or a dedicated flashgun though getting the power levels right is difficult. Also since I haven’t got myself the adaptor for mounting the camera properly it can be tricky holding the light source, the camera and focusing. I’ve got a rather nifty mini tripod which would be perfect for holding the flash but I’ve no idea where I’ve put it…

I’ll just ¬†struggle on for now I guess…

Rubiks Cubed

Two trailers, a rough cut preview of part of the film and the theme song from Rubiks Cubed Рa collaborative film project between myself and my good friend Seila Susberg. The film is a black comedy in the style of a documentary following the lives of a various people whose lives have been changed (for better or worse) by the Rubiks Cube.

We started this project in 2009 but for various reasons we’ve never got round to finishing it. We keep coming back to it though so the project is ongoing.¬†Eventually¬†it’ll all come together.